Total commitment and 100% reliability

I was born and brought up in Berlin. It’s the city I love the most. I know it inside out, but there will always be a place in my heart for the rest of the world. Total commitment and 100% reliability are what I am known for. I’ve the down-to-earthness of a Capricorn plus the passion of a Leo as my ascendant to guide me. As a liberal-minded cosmopolitan I am constantly striving to provide harmonious surroundings for my clients.”


Travel opens your eyes and arouses those dreams and desires

The many years spent abroad (USA, Hong Kong, Dubai and Spain) have increased my passion for travelling the world and sharpened my insight to look far beyond each horizon. Every one of us has special needs and I want to help fulfil those needs personally – with absolute discretion, sensitivity and total flexibility.


Networking is half the battle!

How does she work, to find the perfectly matching objects for her clients? “I know about the existential orientation and the high demands of my clients and with this knowledge I choose the objects. I always try to fulfill every secret wish!”  The sympathetic estate agent perches on humor, experience, empathy and especially her exclusive contacts: Britta Gruttmann bespeaks: “A good network is not only half the life but often half the battle”, recollecting her greatest power: networking